What if you passed your gut probiotic in 15 minutes or less?


Based upon many scientific studies from the NCBI (NIH, PubMed), Cochrane Collaboration, Human Microbiome Project, and many more, I believe that just as certain probiotics for the gut can help with IBD, IBS, etc., so can certain dental probiotics help with oral health.

Over the past 5 years or so, more and more evidence points to benefits from dental probiotics. The main problem though has always been that all other dental probiotic products are either chewable tablets, powders, drinks, chewing gums — i.e. products that are gone from the mouth in 5-15 minutes.

Imagine if you took a gut probiotic and pooped it out in just 15 minutes. Such a product would be virtually useless and laughable. That’s because the bugs involved are freeze-dried, and they need about 2.5 hours to rehydrate, adapt, repair intracellular machinery, grow and multiply. Gut probiotics can be effective because it takes many hours before the bugs are eliminated from the gut — so they have time to grow, etc.

What’s unique about Orchestra™ is that it can last 3-5 hours in the mouth and can be used safely while sleeping — just like taking a gut probiotic. So it should work much better than any other dental probiotic.

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