BURST Oral Care Products

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Dr. Edwards' personal and professional review:

Everyone needs the proper dental fitness exercise "equipment".

BURST Oral Care provides several quality preventive dental products at affordable prices in one location. They also have a ton of educational videos and great support. BURST meets RENUzORAL's requirements of: Easy, Simple, Automatic, Convenient, Safe, Effective, Dramatic, Fun, Educational, Affordable, and Quality. I use BURST products and have found them to be as good as the top quality major brands, yet more affordable, and without an excess of "bells and whistles".    

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Burst oral care products

Burst WaterflosserBurst Sonic Toothbrush

 BURST products include:

  • Sonic toothbrush
  • Portable waterflosser
  • Expanding floss
  • Whitening strips
  • Probiotic tablets
  • Chargers
  • Plugs
  • Travel cases
  • Accessories

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