• BREATHIFIC v2.2 should launch in September 2022

    07/24/2022 Re: BREATHIFIC v2.2 We're still testing mint flavor samples. Everything else is ready. We'll probably go into production in mid-August, 2022, and launch New And Improved BREATHIFIC Version 2.2 in September 2022! Thanks for your patience. To our oral-systemic health,Dr. Steve
  • Stop Putting Toothpaste on Your Toothbrush

    One of the biggest problems I see in my dental office is tooth abrasion from toothpastes and toothbrushes. Every day, nearly every new patient has some amount of tooth abrasion and gum recession — DESPITE having seen other dentists for years! In addition to sensitivity and pain, the damage often ends up costing them hundreds to thousands of dollars — even though it’s at...
  • The #1 Mistake in Your Oral Health

    How the wrong perspective about oral health is ruining teeth, and how to change the perspective.
  • Is there any advantage to flossing that I can't get from using a Waterpik?

    1 comment
    My answers on Quora Is there any advantage to flossing that I can't get from using a Waterpik? By Steven Edwards · just now Dentist and Owner at RENUzORAL Yes, floss has a couple of benefits different from Waterpik. I’ve found that it helps to think of dental fitness instead of oral hygiene. Take aerobics, for example (there’s a reason for picking aerobics if you read on…). Think of all...
  • Your Gut Starts At Your Lips

    What if your physician told you to kill 99% of your gut germs twice a day?
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