Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Oral Systemic Fitness?
    • Because oral health is linked to systemic health, we need a systemic solution: Oral Systemic Fitness or OSF.
    • Oral hygiene is just a small part of OSF.
    • OSF is oral hygiene supercharged by integrated systems and concepts from microbiology, exercise physiology, fitness, sports, and gaming to improve oral AND systemic health.
    • It’s better and easier than standard home oral hygiene.
    • You’ll learn breakthrough, state of the art, preventive dental concepts you can use tonight, tomorrow, and for life.
    • “The Program is the Plan” and “The Regimen is the Remedy”.

  • What is Oral/Systemic Health?
    • The mouth is connected to the body through the gut AND to the blood and lymphatic systems through infected gums. Bad bacteria and their dangerous metabolic byproducts enter your bloodstream and lymph and circulate throughout your body, causing systemic diseases as well as gum disease. This is also thought to be one comorbidity factor for making COVID more deadly in some people who may appear otherwise healthy. You cannot be totally healthy if your mouth is not healthy. Gum disease is linked to diabetes in a bidirectional relationship.
    • What is Breathific?
      • Breathific is an oral/systemic health supplement in the form of a time-release, oral-dissolving strip. It contains several strains of healthy good bacteria your mouth needs to help fight dental problems.
    • Why a strip and not a tablet or lozenge?
      • The strip delivery system is important because many people have a fear of pills. Also the strip adapts to mouth irregularities and becomes virtually unnoticeable in the mouth.
    • When to use it?
      • Any time, but it's best to use overnight because that's when you grow the most bacteria and you awaken with bad breath, so why not grow billions of good bacteria too and wake up with fresher breath.
    • What are prebiotics?
      • Prebiotics are humanly nondigestible food ingredients that promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the mouth and intestines. Basically they are found in fibrous foods. Typical prebiotics are: inulin (not insulin), acacia, konjac gum, locust bean gum, alginate, agave, pullulan, cellulose, etc.
    • What types of probiotics are used?
      • The probiotics are bacteria that can be found in nutritious fermented foods such as yogurt, cheese, buttermilk, sauerkraut, etc.
    • How does Breathific alleviate dry mouth?
      • Most people with dry mouth have at least some saliva and are not absolutely dry like paper. Breathific absorbs and dissolves in your residual saliva and helps retain some extra saliva in your mouth before you can swallow it (or leak it out while sleeping). As it does so, it forms a soothing thin film that coats dry oral mucosa and helps to keep the mucosa hydrated. As you slowly swallow the soothing film, it helps to soothe dry throats too. And the erythritol in the strips helps to stimulate a little extra saliva too. In this way, the strips are dissolved and swallowed within about 6 hours as you sleep or about 3 hours if you are awake. So, you can get from 3 to 6 hours of dry mouth relief, especially while you sleep.
    • Is Breathific a sleep aid?
      • Although it's not exactly a sleep aid, you can sleep better without having to awaken numerous times to drink water and then again to pee. You don't bother your significant others as much because they can sleep better too. Everyone benefits, especially you. AND you can awaken with fresher breath and get a kiss instead of a slap. 
      • What is the Masterclass?
        • The masterclass is an advanced fitness version of oral hygiene. It is far more effective than standard oral hygiene, safer, easier, customizable, fun.


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