• Oral Immunity Startup Kit contains Breathific Prebiotics plus probiotics oral strips

    Oral Immunity Startup Kit

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Oral Immunity Startup Kit



About RENUzORAL's Products

RENUzORAL is a preventive oral/systemic health company devoted to helping you help yourself to control your dental problems and improve your systemic health.

Breathific is the world's first time-release, controlled-release, oral-dissolving dietary supplement strip containing probiotics and prebiotics for oral/systemic wellness -- even while you sleep.

The Oral/Systemic Health for Life Masterclass is a fitness-based online training course. Just as with any supplement, you need a guide for its use. That's why we've developed the masterclass so you can learn new methods of dental fitness in the comfort of your home on your own time. At this time, the only way to access the Masterclass is through the Oral Immunity Startup Kit. That's because dental fitness programs need supplements, and supplements need dental fitness programs.

The All-In-One- Oral Immunity Startup Kit is the combination of the Masterclass and Breathific. RENUzORAL is committed to helping you help yourself to better oral health so you can control your dental destiny as well as any dentist or dental hygienist.

Breathific -- Sleep Your Way to Better Oral Health and Fresher Breath

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Breathific Review

Mark F Thimmig 5.0 out of 5 stars

My son and I have have seen an improvement in gum health and morning breath. A pleasant taste as you fall asleep. You can drink water without any issues, and it can help curb late-night food cravings too. My mouth felt fresh - not dry - in the morning. Mint flavor is smooth and delicious -not overpowering. Some may want even stronger mint flavor, but that could be difficult to sleep with, so I quickly grew to love the flavor. Now I don't want to sleep without it!

Mark Thimmig

The Masterclass

Supplements Work Best With Training

Supercharge your Oral/Systemic health up to 9x in 30 days or less with our online Oral/Systemic Health for Life Masterclass.

You can't be healthy without oral health. Your mouth affects your body via the Oral/Systemic Link. You can avoid up to 80% of most common dental problems when you use our fitness-based concepts. Improved oral health means better overall health.

Learn how to use Breathific Dental Pre+Probiotics. The one-time fee includes lifetime access and all updates. 30-day money- back guarantee.

Learn more about the Masterclass

Masterclass Review

My teeth never felt as clean as when I followed your videos. For once I was finally able to get behind my upper molars, and my lower front teeth don't build up that ski-jump of tartar any more. Thanks!

Amber P.

All-In-One Oral Immunity Startup Kit

A New World of Dental Freedom

80% of most common dental problems are super easy to prevent. Yet dentistry is a multi-billion dollar per year industry, even though most people say they do oral hygiene daily. If oral hygiene were any good, shouldn't there be fewer dental problems? YES! Unfortunately, oral hygiene is not the answer. Dental Fitness is the answer. And when you learn about it, you will suddenly see a whole new world of dental freedom opening up before you.

The Future of Oral AND Systemic Health

One thing the COVID pandemic has shown us is how some very simple efforts can work wonders: washing hands, wearing masks, avoiding face and eye-touching, and social distancing -- WHEN THEY ARE DONE RIGHT.

The same thing can be said about preventive dental efforts WHEN THEY ARE DONE RIGHT. Unfortunately, oral hygiene is outdated and oversimplifed nearly to the point of uselessness. Most people have not been taught that tooth decay is actually an infectious microbial disease, and is not directly "caused" by sweets. This knowledge alone is enough to debunk the outmoded concepts of oral hygiene.

The future of oral health is to acknowledge that the mouth is connected to the rest of the body through the oral/systemic link. To accept that you cannot be healthy without oral health. To realize that it's a bad idea to try to kill 99% of oral germs twice a day. You wouldn't do that to your lower gut microbes would you? Yet your mouth is the beginning of your gut, and your mouth has its own special oral "microbiome" too. So why does it sound "normal" to try and kill most of your oral microbes but it sounds crazy to try to kill most of your gut microbes?

There is so much new information to learn about oral and systemic health that it needs a special online course. You'll never learn these things at the dentist because dental offices are set up for treating problems. The future of all health will be to learn proper prevention on your own time, in your own surroundings, at your own speed. And that is what the All-In-One Oral Immunity Startup Kit is all about.