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About RENUzORAL's Products

RENUzORAL is a preventive oral/systemic health company devoted to helping you help yourself to control your dental problems and improve your systemic health.

Breathific Pre+Probiotics Oral Strips are the world's first time-release, controlled-release, oral-dissolving, dietary supplement strips containing probiotics and prebiotics for oral/systemic wellness -- even while you sleep.

The Oral/Systemic Health for Life Masterclass is a fitness-based online training course for oral and systemic health. Supercharge your oral/systemic health up to 9x in 30 days. We developed the masterclass so you can learn new methods of dental fitness in the comfort of your home on your own time -- AND -- to help you get the best use from Breathific Oral Strips.

Epic Dental Xylitol products are some of the easiest and best products to protect your teeth during the daytime when you are busy, don't have a toothbrush handy, and it's inconvenient or embarrassing to do dental fitness. Epic even has a cavity-free guarantee!

BURST Oral Care Products are quality preventive dental products at reasonable prices. They include a sonic toothbrush, portable waterflosser, expandable floss, whitening strips, and more. Lifetime warranties on the sonic brush and waterflosser!

Breathific -- Sleep Your Way to Better Oral Health and Fresher Breath

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Breathific Review

Mark F Thimmig 5.0 out of 5 stars

My son and I have have seen an improvement in gum health and morning breath. A pleasant taste as you fall asleep. You can drink water without any issues, and it can help curb late-night food cravings too. My mouth felt fresh - not dry - in the morning. Mint flavor is smooth and delicious -not overpowering. Some may want even stronger mint flavor, but that could be difficult to sleep with, so I quickly grew to love the flavor. Now I don't want to sleep without it!

Mark Thimmig

The Masterclass

oral-systemic health for life masterclass

Supplements Work Best With Training

Supercharge your Oral/Systemic health up to 9x in 30 days or less with our online Oral/Systemic Health for Life Masterclass and learn how to use Breathific Dental Pre+Probiotics.

You can't be healthy without oral health. Your mouth affects your body via the Oral/Systemic Link. You can avoid up to 80% of most common dental problems when you use our fitness-based concepts. Improved oral health means better overall health.

Learn more about the Masterclass

Masterclass Review

My teeth never felt as clean as when I followed your videos. For once I was finally able to get behind my upper molars, and my lower front teeth don't build up that ski-jump of tartar any more. Thanks!

Amber P.

Xylitol Products

Tooth-Friendly Xylitol

Xylitol is a natural sweetener that actually fights some of the microbes that cause dental problems, especially cavity bacteria. Xylitol was originally discovered in birch tree bark, and has since been found in many foods, including mushrooms, and strawberries. In fact our bodies produce a little xylitol naturally. Studies have found that using about 6 to 7 one-gram-doses per day is effective at controlling cavities. You can do that by combining chewing xylitol gum, mints, mouthwash, and toothpaste throughout the day as part of a "dental fitness" program.

Click here to more about xylitol.


BURST Oral Care Products

BURST is a unique company that provides dental professional peer-reviewed, quality preventive dental products comparable to leading manufacturers. They have the basic things you need all in one place with affordable prices, excellent warranties, and great customer service. My family and I use the products too.

Click here to learn more about BURST.