Stop Putting Toothpaste on Your Toothbrush

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One of the biggest problems I see in my dental office is tooth abrasion from toothpastes and toothbrushes. Every day, nearly every new patient has some amount of tooth abrasion and gum recession — DESPITE having seen other dentists for years! In addition to sensitivity and pain, the damage often ends up costing them hundreds to thousands of dollars — even though it’s at least 80% preventable. Yet, when I tell them about tooth abrasion and how to avoid it, they are dumbfounded — as if nobody had ever told them exactly what to do. Read more here  

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The #1 Mistake in Your Oral Health

How the wrong perspective about oral health is ruining teeth, and how to change the perspective.

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Is there any advantage to flossing that I can't get from using a Waterpik?

My answers on Quora Is there any advantage to flossing that I can't get from using a Waterpik? By Steven Edwards · just now Dentist and Owner at RENUzORAL Yes, floss has a couple of benefits different from Waterpik. I’ve found that it helps to think of dental fitness instead of oral hygiene. Take aerobics, for example (there’s a reason for picking aerobics if you read on…). Think of all the exercises you could do for aerobics: HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training, jogging, walking, etc… Jump rope Cycling Treadmill, stairmaster, swimming, etc……… Think also of all the ways you could do resistance training: Weightlifting with barbells, dumbbells,...

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Your Gut Starts At Your Lips

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What if your physician told you to kill 99% of your gut germs twice a day?

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Breathific readying for shipment to USA

My manufacturer, ODF NUTRA in Canada, is labeling and packaging Breathific. Next week they will notify me of shipping and I'll contact the FDA and customs to clear the way for shipment. After that, it will be another week until I receive the shipment. It will take me a few days to send special shipments first to all the people who pre-ordered. After that, I will send product to the fulfillment centers. A few days after it arrives at the fulfillment centers, it will be ready for regular sale. YAY!    

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