New and Improved Breathific coming July 2022
New and Improved Breathific coming July 2022
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Breathific is In Stage One of Manufacture


ODF NUTRA has mixed the first batch and it is being de-aerated.


7/13/2020 -- 7/17/2020

This week, they will mix in the probiotics, de-aerate some more, and then produce a large film on a roll.

7/20/2020 -- 7/24/2020

The film will be cut into strips, packaged, labeled, and readied for shipment.

7/27/2020 -- 7/31/2020

The shipment may take a week or so to get through customs.

8/3/2020 -- 8/7/2020

After I receive them, I will apply a special label depending on which warehouses I will be using, and then ship them to the proper warehouses.


The strips should be ready for regular order.

Meanwhile, to ensure that everyone who has pre-ordered strips will get the product first, I will personally ship your pre-orders to you when I also ship the remainder of product to the warehouses. That way, you will get your pre-orders faster than if I simply ship everything to the warehouses and let them fulfill the pre-orders.

Best regards,

Dr. Steve

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