Contactless Dentistry and the RENUzORAL METHOD of Dental Fitness

Hi All,

Starting 4/1/2020 (this is not an April Fool's prank), I'll be starting my Contactless Dentistry series of practical preventive dental procedures.

The twist is that the preventive dental procedures are all related to fitness -- which includes nutrition, supplementation, personal training, and more. I'll actually provide a little bit of physical fitness concepts as well.

Once a week I'll hold "office hours" when you can ask me preventive dental questions, or even try to stump me. We could also play a game whereby I try to relate dental answers to your favorite hobby or your job. I have done this for years at the dental office.

To get you started, I've attached a PDF on the RENUzORAL METHOD of Dental Fitness.

The RENUzORAL METHOD of Dental Fitness

Best regards,

Dr. Steve Edwards 

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