Breathific Pre+Probiotics Oral Strips (30 strips)

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  • Promotes normal oral health.
  • For dry mouth, especially while sleeping.
  • Fresh breath for hours, even when you awaken.
  • Works discreetly for hours in the mouth before being swallowed.

Pack of 3 cassettes with 10 strips per cassette

BreathificTM Pre+Probiotics Oral Strips

Breathific Pre + Probiotic Oral Strips for Dry Mouth Relief and Fresh Breath

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    Wake Up With Fresh Breath
    • Advanced, patent-pending, edible oral strips with "Place-and-ForgetTM" feature that allows sustained release of probiotic organisms for up to 8 hours in the mouth, (depending on your saliva flow rate and strip folding). You can even use it safely while sleeping. 

    • The strips stick discreetly between gum and cheek beside upper molars adjacent to the parotid gland duct. Saliva slowly mixes with the strips to form a digestible gel that is slowly swallowed and ingested over several hours. This allows the probiotics in the strips to activate in the mouth and provide oral benefits before being swallowed into the lower gut for intestinal benefits.


    • Crowds out germs related to common oral conditions.

    • Promotes oral moistness for occasional dry mouth.

    • Great for orthodontic patients and implant patients.

    • Helps improve oral hygiene.

    • 30-day money-back guarantee.

        Common results* from using Breathific Oral Probiotics, based upon what our test users have told us:

        * Disclaimer: There’s no guarantee of specific results, and your results can vary.

        • On your first morning: Fresh breath in the morning -- no more morning breath when you use it while sleeping! This is worth millions alone! Your significant other will thank you...

        • Within 2 - 3 weeks: Breath is better overall, gums feel better and appear to be less inflamed

        • Within one month: Whiter teeth due to less plaque buildup

        • Within 3- 6 months: Better dental checkups and savings on dental treatment

        No Other Oral Probiotic Product Works Like Breathific:

        • This is not your usual oral probiotic product with just a few organisms that you merely chew up and swallow before they can do their job.
        • Besides, oral probiotics do no good for your mouth when they are in your gut. Oral probiotics work best when they stay in your mouth at least 2.5 hours before they are swallowed!
        • Grows Billions Of Good Microbes In Your Mouth: Other oral probiotics that are chewables, powders, or drinks simply disappear down into your gut within 5 to 15 minutes. Very few remain in your mouth for very long. Breathific's probiotic organisms can remain in your mouth up to 6+ hours to rehydrate, adapt, survive, grow and replicate. Sure, you swallow some, but many remain in your mouth long enough to colonize, and populate your mouth for days or weeks. 

        • Use It While You Sleep: Only Breathific has patent-pending, Place-and-ForgetTM, time-release, customizable-release, oral-adherent technology so you can use it safely while you sleep.

        • Breathific's Customizable-release of probiotics allows you to select the rate of strip dissolution and swallowing simply by rolling and/or folding the strips.
        • 3-Billion organisms from 7 microbial strains specially selected for oral health. 

        • Up to 42% more strains than comparable products.
        • Stays safely and discreetly in the mouth between 45 minutes and 8 hours, depending on your saliva flow rate and the folding or rolling of the strip.

        • The product also forms a spreadable film that can soothe occasional oral irritations.

        • It's also useful for occasional dry mouth management.



         30-day guarantee