Oral Immunity Startup Kit

oral immunity startup kit

The kit includes:

 Breathific oral strips

A one-month supply of Breathific Pre+Probiotics Oral Strips (30 strips) for one person


Lifetime membership for your whole family in the Oral/Systemic Health for Life Masterclass.


You've never seen a system like this!

  • That's because it's a Dental Fitness system, not a hygiene system!
  • From now through January 2021, you'll get a pack of Breathific plus lifetime access to the Oral/Systemic Health for Life Masterclass for your whole family for the one-time fee of only $147 USD!
  • Averaged for a year that's only 40 cents per day for a year, and then free after that.
  • And if you have 4 people in your household, that's only 10 cents per person per day for a year, and then free after that!


Fitness programs need supplements, and supplements need fitness programs

Regular oral hygiene tends to kill good and bad oral germs indiscriminately.

At least 700 different strains of microbes inhabit your mouth. About 65 of these strains are definitely bad -- causing cavities, gum problems, bad breath, etc.

The rest are either good or indifferent -- yet they serve many purposes.

The good microbes tend to improve your oral immunity and even fight the bad germs. The indifferent ones tend to help to crowd out bad germs by competing for resources.

Why not use Breathific and grow some good microbes overnight to fight the bad ones!

  • No fitness program is complete without supplements, and supplements alone won't make you fit. You need both, along with proper nutrition, training, rest, etc. Breathific is the world's first prebiotic plus probiotic time-release oral strip supplement to grow billions of good oral microbes overnight while you sleep. 
  • Most preventive dental programs are the same-old same-old. They don't fit your needs. They aren't customizable. They're boring and nearly useless. 
  • The Oral/Systemic Health for Life Masterclass is the application of physical fitness programs to oral health. It's a continual work in progress with regular updates based on the latest preventive dental and fitness research. Since it's scientific and based on formulas, you will find all kinds of ways to personalize your dental fitness to your lifestyle, abilities, habits, needs and wants. There is no exact one-size-fits-all method. As long as you follow the formulas, you can design your own programs and regimens and still get great results. 

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Buy the Oral Immunity Startup Kit Now for just $147 USD through January 31, 2021   

You Can Control Your Oral/Systemic Destiny

  • Once and for all you will finally understand oral health and how to avoid 80% of the most common dental problems, while improving your systemic health as well.
  • New videos uploaded regularly.
  • Weekly online community "office hour" on selected Wednesdays wherein I answer your questions during video conferencing.
  • Free Private Facebook group if you wish to join.
  • Your dentist and hygienist don't have the time nor equipment to teach you like this; besides, the dental office is not a fun place to learn anything. Learn everything in the comfort of your own surroundings on your time at your own speed.
  • Learn how to use Breathific Dental Pre+Probiotics.
  • 30-day money- back guarantee* (see page bottom).
  • Special pricing only through January 31, 2021
  • Just $147 for lifetime access could easily save you thousands of dollars of dental treatment.

Buy the Oral Immunity Startup Kit Now for just $147 USD through January 31, 2021  


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Click here to learn more about the kit -- or --

Buy the Oral Immunity Startup Kit Now for just $147 USD through January 31, 2021