The Oral-Systemic link is the band of ulcerated, infected tissue that encircles your teeth and teeth roots when you have gingivitis or gum disease.

It is the portal that allows bad oral bacteria access to the rest of your body.

The most common gum pocket depth of diseased gums is about 6 millimeters, which is about 1/4 inch deep.

1/4 inch deep

oral systemic link overview

The average circumference of each tooth is about 1 inch.

Let’s say you have only 28 teeth, because you had your wisdom teeth pulled.

So, if you have inflamed, infected gums, you have the equivalent of a 28 inch long cut that is 1/4 inch deep.

28 inches long + 1/4 inch deep

Imagine having a 1/4 inch deep, chronically festering wound as long as your leg. You would probably run to the physician to get it cured. But since it’s in your mouth and you don’t see it, out of sight = out of mind.

The oral-systemic link is like a 28 inch long, 1/4 inch deep, chronically festering wound on your leg — except it’s in your mouth.

You need to get it fixed ASAP!

Gum disease germs cause ulcerated gums. And they are the main cause of morning breath stink! These germs get into your body through your bleeding gums. Then they travel through your bloodstream and infect various parts of your body —  your brain, your heart, and more!

At least 70% of American adults have infected gums, whether they know it or not. So, chances are, you are one of the 70%.

And if you have morning breath, you most likely have gum disease germs.

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Breathific grows good bacteria in your mouth to seek and destroy gum disease and morning breath germs. They work safely for you all night long. So, when you wake up you have fresh breath, which means the gum disease germs didn’t get much chance to grow.

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